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Functional Neurological Disorder Program

Unlock Your Movement Potential: Our Functional Neurological Disorder Program is designed to help you overcome limitations and restore your function through individualized care and a holistic approach.

Empower Yourself: Navigate Life with Functional Neurological Disorder

Do you struggle with inexplicable muscle weakness, stiffness, or tremors that affect your daily activities? Are you tired of feeling like your body is not under your own control? Our program is designed to help individuals like you who are living with FND.

FND is a complex condition that affects the way your brain controls your movements. It can cause a wide range of symptoms, including muscle weakness, stiffness, tremors, and even pain. It's not always easy to understand or treat, but our program is here to help.

We take a holistic approach to FND treatment, focusing on your specific goals and uncovering your strengths and resources. 

Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) is a unique medical condition that involves disruptions in the normal functioning of the nervous system, affecting how signals are transmitted and received between the brain and the body. Unlike structural disorders like multiple sclerosis or stroke, FND is characterized by its impact on the brain's communication pathways. This disorder encompasses a wide array of neurological symptoms, including limb weakness and seizures, among others.

FND exists at the crossroads of neurology and psychiatry, presenting a challenge for diagnosis and treatment. Unlike conventional tests such as MRI scans and EEGs, which are often normal in FND patients, this condition has a substantial impact on individuals' well-being and daily lives. Recent studies have highlighted the potential for tailored treatments to reverse FND symptoms, marking a shift in how both medical professionals and society view and approach individuals with FND.

In the past, FND was sometimes mistakenly thought to be solely psychological, linked exclusively to stress or past trauma. However, modern neuroscientific research has dispelled this notion. FND is not simply a diagnosis of exclusion but a distinct disorder with specific clinical characteristics. These features vary among individuals; psychological factors can play a role in some cases, while others may not be influenced by them.

The diversity of terms used to describe FND reflects the evolving understanding of its nature and the challenges in accurately characterizing its manifestations. Among the common synonyms are: Functional Neurological Symptom Disorder, Functional Movement Disorder, Conversion Disorder, Psychogenic Seizures / Movement Disorder, Dissociative Seizures / Motor Disorder, Non-Epileptic Seizures, FND (Functional Neurological Disorder), Dissociative Neurological Symptoms Disorder.


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Our Program

Our Functional neurological disorder program is very individualized with a high focus on your specific goals, uncovering your strengths and resources, and building on those to build the brain, and body connection, and restore your function. 


Our philosophy of treatment is to understand you as a whole person, including body and brain connections, your environmental influences, and underlying musculoskeletal issues. We focus on restoring your autonomy and independent control so that you are empowered with the tools and resources for self-treatment. 


We work very closely with your physician and multi-disciplinary care team to effectively collaborate and integrate the recommendation from your care team. 


Our program aims to provide patients with the skills, knowledge, and behavioral changes necessary to:

  • Develop essential skills, knowledge, and behavioral strategies for managing your condition.

  • Take an active role in your physical and emotional well-being through effective coping strategies.

  • Attain optimal functional independence in your daily life.

  • Enhance your ability to engage in activities of daily living (ADLs) with confidence.


Empowering Symptom Insight: Develop the ability to comprehend symptoms and factors impacting their manifestation, resulting in improved confidence and autonomy in symptom management.

Taking Control through Coping: Transition the responsibility for overall well-being from healthcare professionals to the individual, fostering a sense of personal agency.

Rediscover Life's Engagements: Encourage gradual reintegration into daily activities, easing movement apprehension, and enhancing the perception of control.

Reclaiming a Fulfilling Life while Actively Navigating FND's Challenges.

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Key Features

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