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Age Well Program

Healthy aging involves a multidimensional construct of key health domains focusing on promoting and optimizing health. Healthy aging constitutes injury prevention, managing chronic conditions, optimizing cognitive, physical, and mental health, and facilitating social engagement.  Communities play a vital role in building and supporting healthy aging initiatives. 

BeyondRehab’s Age well program is uniquely designed for promoting preventative care for all including chronic diseases, neuro-muscular condition management. We work very closely with your fitness and multi-disciplinary team to effectively collaborate and design the inclusive program for all.

Our Approach

BeyondRehab’s approach in care delivery is based upon the recent evidence, consensus recommendations, and cumulative experience gathered by working with individuals delivering 1:1 and group care. It consists of:


  • Understanding and assessing the needs of the community to implement multifaceted preventative programs for all.

  • Identifying “What matters most” for the community regarding healthy aging.

  • Assessing the health score for the individuals within community & working on triaging them to appropriate groups to help them achieve higher well-being goals.

  • Engaging with community fitness professionals and multi-disciplinary wellness teams to develop an action plan based on the available resources within community.

  • Providing relevant education, resources for patients and community support professionals to effectively deliver a program.


Program details
  • The duration of the program is typically 4 weeks and can be provided in 1:1 sessions or group setting. 

  • The primary mode of engagement will be via tele-health.

  • Please reach out to with "Age Well Program" in the subject line for an initial consultation.


Cost Estimate


  • The cost depends on your specific program needs and frequency. We highly value your individual needs and will meet with you to develop an individualized program.

“Our mission is to support and foster healthy aging for all.
Let’s connect to discover the potential and opportunity to work together."

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