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Specialized Care Programs

Debra L.

When I started this, I had constant sciatic pain on the left side. I was getting my insurance ready and approved for a Cortisone shot going to an imaging place. However, after attending a 4-weeks Pain in PD program, I am sitting here with zero pain without doing the shot and with the boost of insight as to what is causing the pain. It’s been more valuable for me in more than one way.

Shelly L.

2 days a week and 1 hour each - Perfect! There was enough information that we were getting that we can think about. I liked the content and learned a lot, really practical tips and she is a nice lady.


I have a new toolset to fight the pain. It works better than Tylenol and pain patches. Thank you.

Personalized Care

Matthew H.

I have complex PTSD as well as Cervical Spinal Stenosis / chronic pain. The two issues were colliding with each other and Dr. Zawar was the only one who recognized it and changed my treatment immediately. She has not only opened my eyes to the ability to heal oneself but has given me so many tools that I use daily at my home. She pushed me, she supported me and quite possibly gave me my life back.

Stephanie F.

Dr. Zawar is by far the best physical therapist I've ever had. She's helped me immensely with balance, flexibility, strength, walking & using stairs. She even gave me her own walking poles to help me safely continue to improve my ability to walk & do stairs! Beyond having a doctorate in physical therapy, her specialization in geriatrics was particularly helpful in my case. I'm deeply grateful for her patience, kindness & understanding.

Ashley S.

Apurva is a wonderful physical therapy who I've had the pleasure of working with on two separate occasions (both fractured foot injuries). Every PT session was beneficial to my recovery because of the variety and simplicity of exercises she introduced and gave me for homework. Her encouragement, feedback, and astute ability to challenge me enough—pain-free—contributed to my weekly improvements. I believe she genuinely cares for her patients, and her enthusiasm for her job shows. The only thing I look forward to regarding injuries is having Apurva as my physical therapist!

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