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Lidia S., San Diego, CA 
FND Program Participant

"...Sometimes you need to find alternatives where you combine the mind, the body, the spirit meditation. All the techniques that you and I went through really helped me..."

Lidia's journey with our FND program illustrates the profound impact of personalized care and resilience. Initially facing severe low back pain and numbness in her left leg, she sought solutions to restore her mobility and reclaim her quality of life.

Lidia received tailored, comprehensive care designed specifically for her needs. Guided by our team, she participated in a series of virtual care sessions, focusing on managing her FND and chronic pain.

With unwavering dedication, Lidia made extraordinary strides during the program. Gradually, she regained mobility and strength, breaking free from limitations and embracing newfound independence. Through a combination of exercise, meditation, and positive thinking, Lidia discovered renewed hope and resilience on her journey to recovery.

Kai M., Hawaii 
Pain in Parkinson's Group Program Participant

Kai joined our innovative "PD PowerUP: A Pain in Parkinson Program" - a transformative 4-week immersive virtual group initiative centered around self-management strategies for pain and other related conditions. In this interview, Kai graciously shares her firsthand experience with the program, revealing how it offered her valuable tools and insights to navigate the complexities of Parkinson's-related pain. Discover how this program became an instrumental part of Kai's journey, helping her take charge of her well-being and inspiring her to support others in their own paths.

Mark H., Seattle, WA
Dystonia Program Participant

"...Engaging is the key to get started and going. So that's like a very unique opportunity for me to come in and find ways on how can we find new resources, new tools, which will spike your interest, which will help you stay motivated and keep fun.."

Witness Mark's inspiring journey through our Dystonia program, where he defied limitations with resilience and determination. Struggling with debilitating tremors in his right arm, Mark embarked on a transformative path towards healing. Through virtual sessions with our dedicated team at BeyondRehab, Mark discovered innovative approaches to manage his condition and regain control of his life.

With each session, Mark embraced new challenges and applied creative solutions, from using household items for exercises to integrating mindfulness techniques into his daily routine. His commitment to holistic wellness and unwavering spirit exemplify the power of perseverance in overcoming adversity.

Join Mark on his journey as he shares invaluable insights and words of encouragement for those facing similar struggles. Discover how virtual care with BeyondRehab has empowered individuals like Mark to restore functionality and embrace life with renewed vigor. Mark's story is a testament to the transformative impact of personalized, holistic care in the virtual space.

Debra L., Seattle, WA
Pain in Parkinson's Group Program Participant

""When I started this, I had constant sciatic pain on the left side. I was getting my insurance ready and approved for a Cortisone shot going to an imaging place. However, after attending a 4-weeks Pain in PD program, I am sitting here with zero pain without doing the shot and with the boost of insight as to what is causing the pain. It’s been more valuable for me in more than one way.""

Shelly L., Seattle, WA
Pain in Parkinson's Group Program Participant

""2 days a week and 1 hour each - Perfect! There was enough information that we were getting that we can think about. I liked the content and learned a lot, really practical tips and she is a nice lady.""

Allison S., Seattle, WA
Dystonia Program Participant

""I thought Apurva was truly wonderful. She gave me faith that things could improve, and they have. Her curiosity and enthusiasm always kept our sessions lively and encouraging. She made me feel like a partner in my own well-being and that was empowering. One of the things Apurva did was raise my consciousness around the idea that there really is nothing physically wrong with me; she has helped take my focus away from what is not working, and redirect that to what is working.""

Natasha H., Hawaii
Pain in Parkinson's Group Program Participant

""My participation in this program has given me additional tools and information to be proactive in my fight with Parkinson's, It has also reaffirmed many of the activities I was currently doing. Anyone living with PD would benefit from this program.""

Ashleigh S., Seattle, WA
Cervical Dystonia Program Participant

""Apurva is a wonderful physical therapy who I've had the pleasure of working with on two separate occasions (both fractured foot injuries). Every PT session was beneficial to my recovery because of the variety and simplicity of exercises she introduced and gave me for homework. Her encouragement, feedback, and astute ability to challenge me enough—pain-free—contributed to my weekly improvements. I believe she genuinely cares for her patients, and her enthusiasm for her job shows. The only thing I look forward to regarding injuries is having Apurva as my physical therapist!""

Matthew H., Los Angeles, CA
Chronic Pain Program Participant

""I have complex PTSD as well as Cervical Spinal Stenosis / chronic pain. The two issues were colliding with each other and Dr. Zawar was the only one who recognized it and changed my treatment immediately. She has not only opened my eyes to the ability to heal oneself but has given me so many tools that I use daily at my home. She pushed me, she supported me and quite possibly gave me my life back.""

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