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Our Programs

Specialized whole person centric programs for Parkinson’ Disease, Chronic Pain, Functional Neurological Disorders & Complex Condition Management.

It’s well-known that exercise of all kinds is beneficial for patients with Parkinson’s disease. But physical therapy is key. Why? We can guide you through the right moves to increase mobility, strength, and balance, and help you remain independent.

Dystonia presentations involve a range of functional and non-motor deficits that reduce engagement in daily activities and decrease function. It’s crucial to have a holistic Neuro-Rehabilitation approach to manage it.

FND results from problems with functional connectivity in the brain and the body. It’s important to get a definitive diagnosis made by movement disorders specialists and work with specialized PT. Recovery is possible by re-engaging, re-connecting, and retraining.

Assess you current baseline condition and receive a personalized exercise plan tailored to your fitness level and resources, so you can improve your flexibility, strength, cardiovascular fitness, and overall quality of life.


Los Angeles, Seattle, and Boston


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