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PD Powerup: A pain management program

Reclaim Your Life: A Comprehensive and Personalized Pain Management Program for Parkinson's Patients

Learn to self-manage your pain in Parkinson's disease

Are you tired of living with chronic pain in Parkinson's? Are you looking for a non-pharmacological approach to manage your pain? Look no further! PD Powerup is a comprehensive group program designed for managing pain in Parkinson's Disorder to effectively self-manage pain with the use of a non-pharmacological approach to enhance function and quality of life. Our program is tailored to address the unique needs and goals of each individual patient.

Why PD Powerup?

Pain is one of the most common non-motor Parkinson's symptoms affecting up to 80% of the Parkinson’s population. Unfortunately, this is an underexplored area and very often remains undertreated, leading to a poor quality of life. At BeyondRehab, we understand the impact that chronic pain can have on your daily life and we are committed to providing a solution. Our program offers a unique approach to managing pain in Parkinson's by focusing on a non-pharmacological approach and empowering patients to take control of their own pain management.


Our program aims to provide patients with the skills, knowledge, and behavioral changes necessary to:

  • Acquire the skills, knowledge, and behavioral changes necessary.

  • Assume or re-assume primary responsibility of your physical as well as emotional well-being (active coping).

  • Achieve maximum functional independence.

  • Maximize activities of daily living (ADLs).


Empowering pain understandings: Learn to effectively interpret the pain and factors influencing pain experience, increased confidence, and autonomy in managing pain.

Active coping skills: Shift of health and well-being responsibility from health care professionals and therapists to the person.

Re-engage in life activities: Facilitate gradual increase in movement and engagement, decrease fear of activity, and increase in perceived control.

Return to a productive life while actively managing persistent pain in Parkinson's.

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Learn about Pain

Better understanding of pain neuroscience, deconstructing the pain experience, pain beliefs, ways to optimize neuroplasticity and engaging in grounding practice.

Re-connect & Re-train

Engaging in sensory training with gradual increase in movement. Understanding diverse types of exercises for Parkinson’s disease and identifying appropriate exercise dosage.

Flare-up pain & freezing management

Understanding and discovering the potential causes, triggers, and effective strategies to manage it.


Explore ways to advance your skills sets, task specific strengthening, and community integration to facilitate return to a higher level of function.

Key Features

How to Register?

To better provide you information on whether this program is suitable for you, please connect with us on a Free Discovery Call.

Jessica W.

"A foundational course for learning about mind-body connection in pain perception."
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