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Redefining the preventative & chronic care.




Personalized Care

Personalized 1:1 evaluation and treatment sessions guided by individuals’ goals and evidence based practice.


Specialty Care Programs

Specialized person centric programs for Parkinson’s disease, Chronic Pain, & Dystonia.


Digital Health Consulting

Business strategy consultancy in identifying user-focused product requirements and strategy roadmap.


Wellness Assessment

Multi-faceted goal based wellness evaluation and recommendations for individuals and businesses.

My Approach

A collaborative and well developed plan with an aim to empower and educate clients goes a long mile in preventative care journey.

Apurva Zawar
Our Story

As a clinician working in multi-disciplinary settings for over 10 years, Apurva realized a big gap in traditional healthcare where focus has shifted from an individual to a problem at hand. At beyondRehab, she is bringing the focus back to the individual.

Getting Help

One of the most frustrating aspects of pain and injury is the inability to participate in your favorite pursuits. Whether you enjoy running, dancing, gardening, or painting, we will outline a plan for progressive return to your most cherished hobbies!


Chronic Pain


Movement Disorder


Geriatric Care


Return to work training

I have complex PTSD as well as Cervical Spinal Stenosis / chronic pain. The two issues were colliding with each other and Dr. Zawar was the only one who recognized it and changed my treatment immediately. She has not only opened my eyes to the ability to heal oneself but has given me so many tools that I use daily at my home. She pushed me, she supported me and quite possibly gave me my life back.

Matthew H.

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