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Revolutionizing Neuro Physical Therapy and Wellness from the Comfort of Your Home

Our patient-centric, evidence-based approach leverages technology to provide personalized and preventative care for those with neuro disorders such as Parkinson's and movement disorders, chronic pain, and geriatric needs.



Parkinson's Disorder Programs

Personalized 1:1 evaluation and treatment sessions guided by individuals’ goals and evidence based practice.


Specialized person centric programs for Cervical and Focal Dystonia.


Customized care for FND with evidence-based methods.


Comprehensive Strategies for Empowered Chronic Pain Management.

Working Out at Home
Why choose Us?

Virtual Convenience

Appointments come to you, eliminating travel and wait times. Experience care from your space.


Holistic Empowerment

More than just treatment, we empower you with self-management techniques. Reduce reliance on frequent medical interventions through our holistic education.

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Goal Setting

Your journey, your objectives. We collaborate closely to set and realize your wellness goals, making you a pivotal part of your success story.


Personalized Care

Tailored support addresses unique needs, ensuring comprehensive care and personal growth.


Expert Guidance

Trust our experienced team to guide you to optimal health. Expert support for your journey.


Dedicated Support

BeyondRehab's commitment shines through unwavering guidance for your path to wellness.

Apurva Zawar
Our Story

As a clinician working in multi-disciplinary settings for over a decade, Apurva realized a big gap in traditional healthcare where focus has shifted from an individual to a problem at hand. At BeyondRehab, she is bringing the focus back to the individual.

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To learn more about our services and how we can help, we encourage you to schedule a free consultation call today.

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What our Clients Say?

Hear from Those Who've Transformed Their Lives. Discover firsthand how BeyondRehab has empowered individuals like you to overcome challenges and achieve remarkable progress. Join us and experience the warmth of personalized care, knowing that tangible changes await you on your journey to wellness.

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