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Functional Neurological Disorder Program

Our Functional neurological disorder program is very individualized with a high focus on your specific goals, uncovering your strengths and resources, and building on those to build the brain, and body connection, and restore your function. 


Our philosophy of treatment is to understand you as a whole person, including body and brain connections, your environmental influences, and underlying musculoskeletal issues. We focus on restoring your autonomy and independent control so that you are empowered with the tools and resources for self-treatment. 


We work very closely with your physician and multi-disciplinary care team to effectively collaborate and integrate the recommendation from your care team. 

Our Approach

BeyondRehab’s approach to care delivery is based upon the recent evidence, consensus recommendation, and cumulative experience gathered by working with individuals delivering 1-1 and group care. It consists of:

  • Education: Understanding your beliefs regarding FND, thought process, care journey, and readiness to participate in the program

  • Initial evaluation: A multi-system assessment including sensory, motor, autonomic, mobility - joints and nerve, cardio, and functional tasks. 

  • Goal setting: Understanding your top priorities for goals and working together to create a game plan (frequency, onsite/virtual, resources)

  • Treatment approaches: Includes aerobic exercises, sensorimotor & graded sensory re-mapping training, motor control training, graded exposure and functional task training, dual-task training, strengthening, and nervous system regulation & autonomic training. 


Program details
  • The duration of the program depends on your needs and resource availability. 

  • The primary mode of engagement will be via telehealth, however depending on the circumstances it can be conducted in-person.

  • Please reach out to with "Function Neurological Disorder Program" in the subject line for an initial consultation.

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