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Changing Season & Muscle Aches!

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Fall is a beautiful and colorful time of year accompanied by a gradual drop in temperature. As our body is adapting to changes in temperature and preparing for winter, it’s quite usual to experience stiffness, and achiness impacting your mobility and daily routine at times.

Various research shows that people suffering from joint pain, headaches, arthritis, and fibromyalgia may experience flare-ups or increases in pain correlated with changes in barometric pressure and other factors when temperatures go from warm to cool or cold.

Here are a few general reminders for you to efficiently cope with your pain in the changing season!

  • Healthy lifestyle is a key fundamental for effectively managing your underlying condition along with season transition. It comprises mindfulness practice, optimum sleep, regular physical activity, and social engagement.

  • Diet: Anti-inflammatory diet is recommended to minimize inflammation. An anti-inflammatory diet involves cutting down on red meat, fried food, sugar, and processed starches.

  • Hydration plays a big part in keeping your spine healthy. Limit alcoholic beverages and sweetened beverages that lead to dehydration, and mood changes that influence your pain experience.

  • Temperature regulation: Stay warm by keeping your house warm, an appropriate layer of clothing, and investing in a heating pad for your home and workplace.

  • Sunlight & Outdoor activities: Natural sunlight is a mood stimulator and along with movement makes a powerful impact on your body. Regularly engage in outdoor activities during the daytime as tolerated.

  • Joint protection using compression stockings, spandex gloves, and braces helps with your circulation, minimizing swelling and keeping fluid away from your joints.

  • Leisure activities: Engage in your favorite hobbies and connecting with friends and family will help you distract from the pain, and keep you more active, positive, and motivated.

As you adapt to the changing environment and cope with fluctuating pain, make sure you enjoy the season, immerse yourself in some joyful activity and create good memories with your friends and family. Staying positive and finding things that make you happy anytime is equally beneficial for managing chronic pain.

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